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The Lava Lamp on Jupiter

What would the internet be without a long list of useless things?  The latest entry on this list comes experiment in uselessness:

Will a Lava Lamp work on Jupiter?

To find out the answer to his life threatening question, Mr. Neil Fraser built a centrifuge.   It looks dangerous:

It’s impressive though, it measures in at over 3 meters in diameter, and over 50 kilograms.  As a side project, it is very capable of enriching your own uranium, which, is legal by the way.

Here is a video of this dangerous device of death in action:

And for those of you too lazy to click read his site, or watch the video, here’s the answer.

Yes, a lava lamp will work on Jupiter.

Now, let’s get this guy a government contract, because that centrifuge looks far to poor for any real scientific research to be conducted on.  And also, I want to know if the color green is really the color green on Saturn gravity.

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