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People with no imagination should not be allowed to speak

Here’s a scenario.  You’re sitting down in a movie theater, watching Bruce Willis single handedly kill 12 terrorists, steal all the money in your bank, end the plot of a rouge animal rights group, save the planet, and kick some asteroid ass.  Now at one point you may be thinking that Bruce Willis is the movie equivalent of Chuck Norris, you would be wrong as as awesome as Bruce Willis is, he is not nearly awesome enough to tackle the Chuck himself.

Any Hootie and The Blowfish, let’s move back to what I’m trying to say, movies are fake.

You know that, I know that, 12 year olds know that, Doctors of Physics, and other learned people seem to have missed the common sense train.  It seems that certain professors, and scientists want to limit the number of impossible things that movies can do.  They want to limit it to one or two occurrences per movie.  I’m sorry what part of the word fiction do they not understand?

For those of you in the unknown, here’s the definition according to Google:

Fiction refers to books and stories about imaginary people and events, rather than books about real people or events

Now when I go see a movie, I automatically think, man, I wish that was doable in real life, and then realize, I’m watching a movie.  That’s not so much a leap of faith as it is a matter of common sense.  Most of the movie going world can make that realization.  It’s a shame those people can’t make that jump really, because all it shows is that they have no imagination.

Sure you could make a scientifically accurate film where everything is all peachy, and it takes 70 years to fly across the solar system.  But why would you watch it?  What would it be about?  How would you keep it interesting?

A movie’s main purpose is to entertain people.  Not to give you an accurate representation of how science works, that’s school’s job.

I like this guy’s article, but he doesn’t really say much against this new idea, just explains a whole lot about producing a TV/movie, vs. showing that same scene in an actual movie/tv show.

Whatever, I guess I’m just gonna fall back on the old adage of, it’s a movie, now shut the fuck up I’m trying to watch this.

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