Edward Gil, the Russian Singer


I am so addicted to all things Russian right now.  So much so that Facebook automagically changed my Facebook language to Russian!

I kept it like that for alittle, then I couldn’t read anything, and changed it back.

I’m not sure how it changed, but it is alittle concerning.  Anyway, I don’t care anymore, time for more awesome Russian Things.

His face makes the whole thing so great.  I wish I knew what he was saying, but that gives me more reason to learn Russian in the coming years.

His name is Edward Gil, and he’s apparently pretty big in Russia, I believe that, because he’s very entertaining, at least to me.

I do not like him with sun glasses, you loose everything in his eyes.

Here’s one more.

Also, because it’s vaguely Soviet based, and I haven’t listened to it in about 2 weeks, here’s something you will hate:

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