The Clock Clock


I was gonna call this post the Redundant clock, but I decided that that was just copying way too much the other 3 blog posts from where it came.

They also failed to write more then a sentence about this lovely piece of art, so that’s where I will change things.

For starters look at the elegance of it.  It’s simplicity is what makes it so elegant.  The lack of numbers, makes you think, and that’s the whole purpose of it, to think of the time.  I realize that this paragraph makes no sense at all, but that’s why you read my blog for the senseless rambleings of me.

Now I will take this time to add a link to this cool Russian clock problem.  (Yes, I am currently obsessed with Russia)  Whoever buys me anything from this eBay search will be loved forever.

The problem is to draw two straight lines on the clock face so that the sums of the numbers in each part are equal.

It took some time, but not as much as I figured, and I was able to get an answer.  Hopefully it’s correct.

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