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The Awesome Alphabet

I prefer the title of The Awesome Alphabet as opposed to the Most Badass Alphabet Ever, that was chosen by one blogger.  The artist’s title, The A-Z of Awesomness is an acceptable title because, like The Periodic Table of Awesoments, this alphabet is filled with awesome.

I choose my favorite illustrations, as opposed to printing the whole alphabet, that’s what link backs are for, it’s amazing how stupid the internet is sometimes.

I like that where it just goes on, and on, and on.  And Q is the best Star Trek character ever.

Also, V should be for Vendetta, or Vengeance, or how about just the entire opening lines that V says?  Nah, that’s probably too long.

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DIY LED flashlight overkill

I like LEDs, I think they are pretty ace, and I use them often.  I’ve made and modified my fair share of flashlights, but this one takes the cake for crazy.

500 superbright white LEDs, 50 watts of power used, blinding light, and something that probably weighs a good 20lbs makes this a monster.

Look at all those LEDs, I understand that they were sanded down a bit so they fit nicely, but still, that’s just crazy, look at the back, and all that soldering, and wiring.

I had a hard enough time soldering my table, and that was 6 different panels all spread outwith lots of room to mess up, this is all crammed together just begging to make a short.

And in case you were concerned that it was all for nothing, it really does create alot of light.  I wish there was a lumen value on it though.  Because it would almost certaintly be easier to use one of these which are also 50 watts, and 4000 lumens.  I’m almost certain that that value is larger then the flashlight they made.  But then again where’s the fun of soldering together 500 LEDs?

{MAKE | hacknmod}

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Ball Bearing Roller Coaster

I remember having one of these in my basement when I was little.  It never worked right, and it was constantly in various pieces, but I always imagined that it would be pretty awesome when it did work.  I drew up plans in my mind of how it could work, and expand, and just be fun, but never got to build them because it didn’t work.

Well, JamJarCollective has an Instrucatble on how to make one of these out of copper wire.

He used heavy copper electrical wire to make just about everything on his track.

And, there’s everything from basic 90 degree turns, to loops, and this sick ass corkscrew that is basically vertical.

One of the hardest parts of it was designing a way to get the balls back to the top of the track.  Because a roller coaster that’s in perpetual motion is way better then one you have to set manually.  Still he used the copper wire for the core, and screw, and the rails, which I say is good, because it keeps it looking nice (i like copper)

And, here is a pretty ace video of it all in action:

Now this has me wanting to figure out how to make it all myself.  Then I want to go 2 steps beyond, and have it go about an entire room.  Except that would cost time, money, location, and skills.  All of which I can get, but not all at once.  So until then, I will have to make due with my imagination, and I think that’s a pretty good alternative.

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Earth Hour…

Brings back the Going Green series, or at least finishes it, (probably).  I’d just like to say, that Earth Hour is a waste of time, and I had every thing on, and plugged in my house.

You see, I spent 4 days without electricity last week, and am in no rush to repeat that experience.  So in order to make up for that time with no power, I had to use extra tonight.  It all works out because in the end, Earth Hour is a joke.  By turning off your lights for one hour one day a year do you think it impacts the amount of electricity a power plant produces?

You’re wrong.

A power plant is not like a battery, if the light is off, power is not being used (or made).  Power plants constantly producing electricity, if they stopped for a minute the grid would be destabilized.  What power plants do do is anticipate loads (in the summer months, air conditioners are used, and so they generate more power).  In recent years the power companies have begun to anticipate the slight drop in demand for power in the one hour period of “Earth Hour” so that power doesn’t get sent out to the grid.

The plant still operates, and still produces power, so the idea of an hour with your lights off, even multiplied the city, state, country over doesn’t add up to much.  Especially when man made CO2 emissions have nothing to do with “global warming” or “climate change.”  But hey, I can’t stop you from participating in it, all I can do is plug everything I own into my power outlets.

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Real Life Russian ASCII Animation

And by real life, i mean they printed all these on paper, and made a flip book, animation style video, like in the old days.

It’s pretty cool, because you can tell its all different letters printed to for the drawing.  I like it.  Also, it is a continuation of our ongoing Russian Love event.


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The Expendables gets anew trailer

And it’s good.  Watch it, you don’t need any other motivation now.

Also, I’m bummed that they moved it back to August, cause everyone knows that studios dumb the movies they don’t expect to get good reviews in August.  And honestly anyone who gives this a bad review is in for a problem.  It just looks so badass awesome that it will be good.  Like Snakes on a Plane, only with more explosions, and less dumb.

anyway, enjoy the trailer, and count the days till August. {Filmonic}

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Don’t Beat the Solar System

Listen to the planets make beautiful music.  It takes some trial and error with the tempo (speed) of the planets.  And like a basic music illiterate person, I just tried to line up all the planets, it’s hard, and doesn’t happen often.  I also speed it up real fast to get Pluto all the way around, that takes along time.  Also like a music illiterate person, I wish there was a rewind, cause it would make lining up the planets much easier to do.

That’s what it looks like just as Pluto crosses the 1 year mark.  I think it looks nice.  I made a backwards Orion too, but I didn’t think that was screen shot worthy.

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Box Game

The Box Game is really quite interesting.  It’s a combination Mario Galaxy, and just a puzzler.  The first few levels are quite simple, but one or two of the later ones I got stuck on.  I don’t remember which ones they were right now, but you’ll see.

The camera is perfect, the controls work, the only complaint I have is that there’s not enough levels.

It also shows the power of the Unity engine, which powers the best internet game ever: Off Road Velociraptor Safari.

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96 Hours

What is this 4 seasons of 24?  HA!  No, it’s how long I was without power.  Let me tell you, it was long.  Let me tell you a story:

Friday, March 12th into Saturday, there was a massive rain storm.  I’m talking bad.  sustained winds of around 30mph, with gusts of 66mph.  I watched the 50 foot 80 year old oak trees in my back yard sway back and forth, and back and forth.  They didn’t fall down.  But others did.  The 1-2 punch of 2 feet of snow a few weeks ago that melted and the 2 inches of rain that fell in 24 hours caused the ground to be super saturated.  Combine that with the wind gusts, and you have perfect conditions for trees to fall.

And trees fell.

A 3 foot wide tree fell a few blocks away from my house and took out everything.  It was massive, and, it was in perfect health.  (I looked at the tree, cause I wanted it, I like firewood, I’m kind of obsessed with it, leave me alone).

Because of that, I lost power around 8:40pm EST on Saturday, and did not get it back until 8:30pm EST Wednesday, March 17th  (so 95 hours, 50mins).

It was a hectic week let me tell you that, and I’m glad that power has been restored.

Let me tell you when the heat has been off in the house, even with outside daytime temps reaching the mid 60s, at night, the house gets cold quick.  Lowest temp I recorded in my room was 56 degrees.  That’s a full 20 degrees less than usual.

Now my house has hot water heat, but the pumps that run the water are electric, and so things don’t work.  Also, we have a generator, but it’s purpose was for sump pump and refrigerator duty.  Without the gennie, we would have lost all the stuff in our fridge, (and it was packed), and our basement would have had about a foot or more of water in it, so using it to power the computers for an hour or so was out of the question.

One good thing that came of this, I was able to read 550 pages of the new Stephen King book, Under the Dome.  That was good cause I was looking for an excuse to start it, and that was the perfect one.  I’m now about 300 pages from the end, and if the weather is still good, will finish it soon. (So far, it’s good, up there with The Stand)

I was very upset when it happened at first though, because I was up to 336 billion bytes received.  And I was working on 1 trillion.  That took me 2 weeks of nonstop Olympic viewing to get, it will take forever to get that high again now, you just watch!

Anyway, we’re back, and I’ll try and get some new posts up.



Is very important for servers.

Mine just came back last night, more on that exciting story later today.