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The 2010 Olympic Stumble Event!

Its time again for the best stumbles in the history of the internet.  These fine stumbled pictures are up there for humor, love, wrongness, Nazi, and cute.  Only one can take home the gold, and end the post.  That picture has the responsibility to hold off the other stumbles until i write the next one, whenever that is.  So without further rambling on my part,

awesome DIY photo

Pretty Awesome Window Curtain

I like taking pictures of stuff.  Ever since the advent of Digital there has been less and less film being used by the average person.  That’s quite alright though.  Because this is a pretty awesome window curtain:

This door was made out of old Kodachrome slides.  Pretty neat.  I wonder what kind of display it puts on the floor/wall of the room?  I bet it’s awesome.

This makes me want to take some of my old negatives and make a curtain out it it.  Sure the negatives are different then slides, but I think it would still give a pretty cool looking display on my window.

{MAKE | Flickr}

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Watch the Olympics

I address you this afternoon not as a ruler of this blog, not as the member of the elite, but as a citizen of humanity.  We are faced with the very gravest of challenges, The Ancient Greeks called this time the Olympiad, the challenge of challenges.  For the first time in the history of the planet, a species has the technology to show these events live all over the globe you can know who will win the curling match.  Our inner thirst for excellence and knowledge, every step on the ladder of progress, even the wars get put on hold so we our nations can provide the tools to win these honorable battles.   Through all of the chaos that is in our world, through all of the wrongs, and mistakes, there is one thing that has elevated our species above our origins, and that is our  desire to win.  The fate of the world rests in the hands of these 2,629 flying into Canada. May we all citizens the world over see these events through, Godspeed, and good luck to you

Yes, I did spend all night coming up with a speech to match the President’s speech in Armageddon.

Yes, I do think that movie is one of the best ever made.

Also you should totally watch the Olympics.  I’ve been streaming them non stop to my computer since Saturday.  There’s nothing like live curling action.

I do have one thing to say though, there are far too many commercials on the non-live games.  Its kinda frustrating, but whatever, I have like 3 different events going on at once, I’m crazy I know.

a stumble strange video

The Flashlight Gun

Fit’s in you’re back pocket, so when you’re out for you walk and it gets bad,  BAM! you’re good.

Apparently this gun, the FMG-9 is a prototype from 2008 and nothing’s come of it since.  That’s all fun and games, but really, why do you need it?


a stumble awesome DIY science video

The Gear Ring

I like that. It’s simple, yet complicated at the same time. I wonder how hard it is to break. Also, it’s gotta get filled with crap and gunk real easy over time I bet. How do you clean it?

Thanks vic!

awesome games nintendo

Donkey Kong Country

Wow, this video is sooooooo early 90s.  But since it’s about the greatest SNES game of all time, it’s worth the watching.  Yea I said it, Donkey Kong Country is the best SNES game, you gonna argue or go download that game and prove to yourself that I was right?  {source}

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Elektronik Supersonik

I’m not sure if the video is bad, or the song, but either way, this is entertaining!

And it’s supposed to be that way.  Just watch that whole video, and if you aren’t laughing like crazy, you aren’t a real human.

Also, to make it even better, watch it on, where I found it, it’s waaayyy better tiled across your screen forever!

Also, the song is called Elektronik Supersonik by Zlad, Santo Cilauro.

a stumble awesome DIY photo

Hyper Realistic Model Airplanes

I will admit, the miniature killer episode where they say “Hyper specific”  has gotten me using the term hyper more often.  And whats the harm there?  Especially when it’s regarding these amazing model airplanes!

You can’t tell it from these pictures, but those are scale models.  Hyper detailed scale models.  Down to every last rivet.  Retired dentist turned model maker Young C. Park made these.

Don’t believe he replicated everything? Here’s the ammo feeds from the wings:

Don’t believe these are actual models?  Here’s him working them:

And for the other doubters out there, here are the planes on display.

These are awesome.  That’s all I have to say.


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Nazis vs. Facebook

Well, not really, but that title sounded better then the others I was thinking.

So, this morning I got an email from the Iron Sky people, (if you remember, it’s this awesome movie set in an alternate time-line where the Nazis flee to the moon to plan their 4th Reich, and in 2018, they make it happen) saying how Facebook took down their fan page.  They are upset (rightly so).  But they also seem misinformed.

For starters, Facebook is a private company.  And they have a lengthy Terms of Service, that you read, and agree to when you sign up.

Part 5.1, and 5.2 covers what went on here:

  1. You will not post content or take any action on Facebook that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law.
  2. We can remove any content or information you post on Facebook if we believe that it violates this Statement.

Pay special attention to 5.2.  Basically it’s up to them to say, “Yea I don’t like this, let’s take it down.”  What I envision went down is this:  the page was marked for review as a potential Hate Crime, Facebook employees being taxed for time, just skimmed it over, saw it mentioned Nazis, and a future invasion by them, and they basically though, ok, this is some strange Neo-Nazi site, let’s shut it down.  And that was the end of that.

In the email, they claim that:

Facebook gave no advance warning about closing down the fan page of this movie project and neither does it offer any kind of contact information to complain about the decision.

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing in the ToS requiring Facebook to give advance warning that they’re about to remove your stuff.  There is however a place to go to make an appeal, that’s part 5.4:

If we remove your content for infringing someone else’s copyright, and you believe we removed it by mistake, we will provide you with an opportunity to appeal.

So what it basically comes down to is this.

You own the content you post to your Facebook account, but Facebook owns the servers.  And they have total say over what gets posted there, and what doesn’t.  And they decide what to do with it.  You can ask nicely to get your stuff back up, or you can kick and scream.  Neither will get your stuff up though because you are free to go somewhere else.

Facebook doesn’t charge you to post things, and aside from a name, and email address, doesn’t have any other way to force you to do something.  From a legal standpoint, they are just covering their asses by removing things that even hint at copyright infringement, illegal things, or hate crime, because of all the negative press that will happen if something does come out of it.  It may seem unfair, but you have to remember, for companies, all they care about is the bottom line.  If they think that your page may violate a law, or include something of questionable legality, they will remove it to save themselves, and that is their right.

Many people don’t seem to grasp that concept.  And that seems like what happened to the Iron Sky people, but at least this woke them up to it anyway:

“There are many businesses that consider their Facebook presence to be an important part of their marketing. The fact that Facebook can just take down the page of a legitimate business without any warning or any means of contacting them is something most companies don’t realize.”

Hopefully more people will come to realize this, and stop relying on Facebook, and Twitter so heavily.  If anything I would use Stumble Upon.  Because unlike Facebook, and Twitter, SU drives traffic directly to your site, and on your site you can post whatever the fuck you want.  I hope that bold hammered it home for you.

Anyway, I’d also like you to know that I’ll never censor your comments, or delete them because you call me an idiot, I’ll post them true.  The only things that don’t get through are obvious spam, links to illegal/hate sites, and porn comments.

And, just so you can be remembered, here is the trailer for this awesome movie: