Go Daddy Super Bowl 2010 commercials


I hate football.  After basketball, I think it’s the least entertaining sport.  So it’s no surprise that I will not be watching the Superbowl.  I used to watch it, only for the commercials, but with the advent of the internet, and YouTube, and all that fun stuff, I can do more productive things durring that 4 hours of time, and watch just the good ones online.

Go Daddy has taken things a step further, and started posting their commercials online NOW.  They are being annoying though, you can’t embed them, but I guess that’s ok, I almost care.  So here is the stock link that they give you to share with: Go see Go Daddy’s 2010 Super Bowl® Commercials.  Go there, and watch it.  Currently there’s only one up (and a preview, and last years), and it’s not really that good.  Honestly I’ve never been a fan of Go Daddy’s commercials, but hey, its something to keep you occupied on the internet for 45 seconds.


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