Mini Golf in a Funeral Home?


Miniature Golf is one of those fun awesome games you play on vacation.  Well, you can also play it at a funeral.  Well, in the basement of a funeral home anyway.  The place is called Ahlgrim Acres, and it’s located in Palatine Illinois.  It’s a public course open when there is no funeral in progress, and I can say, that’s comoforting, because honestly, would you want to be a kid, and your grandpa dies, and you go to the funeral home, and your parents say, “Why don’t you go play in the basement kids, it’ll be no fun up here”  Hell you’re probably scared of your own basement, let alone the one at a place where they keep dead people.

How fitting.

They scythe on the wall back there, yea that’s comforting.

What mini golf course would be complete without a windmill?


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