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Peter Rabbit the Tank Killer

Peter Rabbit cover

Here is a tale of a boy rabbit that goes against his mother’s wishes, and goes to kill Panzer tanks.  It’s a story of love, and hate, and death and destruction.  Peter Rabbit Tank Killer.  You should read it now.  For history’s sake, I have re-posted all the panels of book below, so that in case anything happens to the original post, we can still relive the glory that is this Nazi Killing Rabbit.

As you can no doubt see, this is a great story for the ages, and should be told to children for all of time.  I just wish i could find The tale of squirrel nutkin and the SS Death Bastard regiment. Cause that will be good


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I like the minor edits in your copy. Apparently someone thought it was perfectly ok to have cute little animals blow up each other, but have them using words like “fucker” and “shit” would be way out of line 🙂

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