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iPhone Helicopter

This is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

The level of awesomeness of this is just unbelievable.  An RC helicoptor that transmits live first person video to your iPhone or iPod touch.  That’s also the way you control it?  Brillant!

What’s even better, it looks like you can battle 2 of them together.  That’s even more awesome!

The worst thing is it sounds like it’s super annoyingly loud.  Which makes sense, cause there’s no way it could be perfect.

Anyway, there is no price on this, which pisses me off, because if there was, like the table, I would probably have pre-ordered one by now.  All they say is “release: 2010” which is pretty broad, and probably means it wont be out till next year.  Oh well,  I am excited, are you?

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