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The best mouse ever

Originally this was gonna be part of the most recent stumbles, but I decided that it was too awesome to be included in that, because there was too much to say about it, so that is why you are seeing this now.  So bask in the glory that is this magic mouse.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t like using a keyboard and mouse to play video games, I like my Xbox controller much better.  But I will say that there is an advantage to using a keyboard and mouse, many times.  However, I think if you have this mouse, you will most likely always win.

I think the “Time Distortion field” is the most interesting feature.  I wonder if it is limited to events of the game, or does it work for real life events also, because I would commit grave crimes to acquire this mouse if it worked for real life events.

However, I must agree with cmw22, because the ability to distort time would clearly give me an advantage over everyone else. But, what intrigues me is what would happen if 2 of these mice were used by two different players.  That could very well break the space time continuum.  Maybe there’s only one of these mice in exsistance, making it even more likely that i would commit grave crimes to acquire it.

All I can say is, be careful who you tell about this mouse ImpactSting, because it has the power to change the universe.


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