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Ski Jumps of Yore

Those giant long scary high ski jumps at the Olympics are pretty awe inspiring.  And the people who go down the them, wow.

Now, go back 60 years or so and take a look at these massive wooden ski jumps constructed in arenas across the country.

This was built in Soldier Field, Chicago in 1954, I love how they built it up over the columns, and seats.

Now, look at this impressive one made of wood in Vancouver, in the end of April, in 1958:

Yea, I would not climb that.  A strong wind and the whole thing topples over.  At least the one in Chicago had some base to it, and some people to cushion your fall.

Man, people were crazy then.  Also, these massive awesome looking structures would be much different now, with full color photography, 1000 warning signs, a few dozen cameras, and a bunch of other annoying things.  I’m almost glad that things like this aren’t made too often anymore, cause it would take away some of the awesomness that is looking at old pictures of them.

There a bunch more photos of these massive things over here.

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