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Go Daddy Super Bowl 2010 commercials

I hate football.  After basketball, I think it’s the least entertaining sport.  So it’s no surprise that I will not be watching the Superbowl.  I used to watch it, only for the commercials, but with the advent of the internet, and YouTube, and all that fun stuff, I can do more productive things durring that 4 hours of time, and watch just the good ones online.

Go Daddy has taken things a step further, and started posting their commercials online NOW.  They are being annoying though, you can’t embed them, but I guess that’s ok, I almost care.  So here is the stock link that they give you to share with: Go see Go Daddy’s 2010 Super Bowl® Commercials.  Go there, and watch it.  Currently there’s only one up (and a preview, and last years), and it’s not really that good.  Honestly I’ve never been a fan of Go Daddy’s commercials, but hey, its something to keep you occupied on the internet for 45 seconds.


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Mini Golf in a Funeral Home?

Miniature Golf is one of those fun awesome games you play on vacation.  Well, you can also play it at a funeral.  Well, in the basement of a funeral home anyway.  The place is called Ahlgrim Acres, and it’s located in Palatine Illinois.  It’s a public course open when there is no funeral in progress, and I can say, that’s comoforting, because honestly, would you want to be a kid, and your grandpa dies, and you go to the funeral home, and your parents say, “Why don’t you go play in the basement kids, it’ll be no fun up here”  Hell you’re probably scared of your own basement, let alone the one at a place where they keep dead people.

How fitting.

They scythe on the wall back there, yea that’s comforting.

What mini golf course would be complete without a windmill?


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Engineering Paradise

Just watch the video, and then comment on it, you will be happy you did.

I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s very good.  It fits the original.  Also, the editing is very well done.

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Peter Rabbit the Tank Killer

Peter Rabbit cover

Here is a tale of a boy rabbit that goes against his mother’s wishes, and goes to kill Panzer tanks.  It’s a story of love, and hate, and death and destruction.  Peter Rabbit Tank Killer.  You should read it now.  For history’s sake, I have re-posted all the panels of book below, so that in case anything happens to the original post, we can still relive the glory that is this Nazi Killing Rabbit.

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iPhone Helicopter

This is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

The level of awesomeness of this is just unbelievable.  An RC helicoptor that transmits live first person video to your iPhone or iPod touch.  That’s also the way you control it?  Brillant!

What’s even better, it looks like you can battle 2 of them together.  That’s even more awesome!

The worst thing is it sounds like it’s super annoyingly loud.  Which makes sense, cause there’s no way it could be perfect.

Anyway, there is no price on this, which pisses me off, because if there was, like the table, I would probably have pre-ordered one by now.  All they say is “release: 2010” which is pretty broad, and probably means it wont be out till next year.  Oh well,  I am excited, are you?

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The best mouse ever

Originally this was gonna be part of the most recent stumbles, but I decided that it was too awesome to be included in that, because there was too much to say about it, so that is why you are seeing this now.  So bask in the glory that is this magic mouse.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t like using a keyboard and mouse to play video games, I like my Xbox controller much better.  But I will say that there is an advantage to using a keyboard and mouse, many times.  However, I think if you have this mouse, you will most likely always win.

I think the “Time Distortion field” is the most interesting feature.  I wonder if it is limited to events of the game, or does it work for real life events also, because I would commit grave crimes to acquire this mouse if it worked for real life events.

However, I must agree with cmw22, because the ability to distort time would clearly give me an advantage over everyone else. But, what intrigues me is what would happen if 2 of these mice were used by two different players.  That could very well break the space time continuum.  Maybe there’s only one of these mice in exsistance, making it even more likely that i would commit grave crimes to acquire it.

All I can say is, be careful who you tell about this mouse ImpactSting, because it has the power to change the universe.


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Ski Jumps of Yore

Those giant long scary high ski jumps at the Olympics are pretty awe inspiring.  And the people who go down the them, wow.

Now, go back 60 years or so and take a look at these massive wooden ski jumps constructed in arenas across the country.

This was built in Soldier Field, Chicago in 1954, I love how they built it up over the columns, and seats.

Now, look at this impressive one made of wood in Vancouver, in the end of April, in 1958:

Yea, I would not climb that.  A strong wind and the whole thing topples over.  At least the one in Chicago had some base to it, and some people to cushion your fall.

Man, people were crazy then.  Also, these massive awesome looking structures would be much different now, with full color photography, 1000 warning signs, a few dozen cameras, and a bunch of other annoying things.  I’m almost glad that things like this aren’t made too often anymore, cause it would take away some of the awesomness that is looking at old pictures of them.

There a bunch more photos of these massive things over here.

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Muscle Man

I honestly laughed out loud when I stumbled to this site, enjoy.

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Kick Ass

Right up there with The Expendables, Kick Ass is gonna be an underdog awesome movie of 2010.

The above is the official trailer for the film, so it’s cut down, and less graphic then the red band one you can see here.  The first trailer doesn’t really tell much of the story, but the above does a good job at giving the gist of it.  I have to say, the beginning of the trailer was eh, but i really just want to see where this goes, especially for the little girl assassin (that screams Natalie Portman in Léon).  This is gonna be good.
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LEGO Domino Dealer

This is pretty neat.  This guy not only made his own wood dominoes, but he made them for a custom LEGO domino dealer.

I like the idea, and the setup, the only gripe I have is that it only does straight lines.  But I know that it’s not easy to set up other weird runs and stuff.  But you could set up some colors of dominoes, and make a design, and then make some pretty neat domino layout.  But those aren’t as fun as crazy weird domino runs.