The most exciting movie never made


50 movie trailers from the last year or so combined to make one actually interesting looking film.  I would pay $10 to go see it, (hell, it has Bruce Willis in it, I’m already sold).  {source}

Ping yourself


What does that mean? Ping, like Sonar.  Well i just stumbled to this pretty awesome bit of free software that uses sonar to control the power to your computer’s monitor. It’s pretty ace. It takes some calibration, actually, alot of calibration, and it’s not perfect (but that probably has more to do with one of … Continued

Lots of Electricity + Anything Else =


This insane video! Go ahead, watch, it’s insane!  It reminds me of my microwave experiments, only way more dangerous, like, deadly dangerous.  I kind of want to try it one day, but it just looks too dangerous for me.  Also, it looks expensive, and time consuming, and I don’t like to spend money on things … Continued

Pearl Harbor


68 years ago World War 2 began for America, truly, officially, and publicly began.  The Japanese empire attacked the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor with the hopes of knocking out the country’s Pacific fleet, and letting them go on to conquer the entirety of the  Pacific Ocean. Some people say that it wasn’t truly … Continued

New York, it’s awesome to destroy


Ah New York, the greatest city in the world.  What makes it so great?  Many things, but, most importantly, the fact that Hollywood loves to destroy the city every chance they get.  Off the top of my head, I can list 7 films that destroy all, or part of the city.  Here’s a collection of … Continued

The Book of General Ignorance


What’s the Tallest mountain in the world? Is French Toast French? How many senses does a human have? What color is the  universe? These and a couple hundred other questions can be all be answered at The Book of General Ignorance.  A long, long page of questions and answers, with random quotes, and drawings thrown … Continued

Stumbles 20


No one cares about 19.  It’s such a silly number.  Even if it is prime, it’s silly.  Anyway, off for the 20th installment of the Stumbles series.  Got some good memes here, some good games, and some holiday cheer.  So be a good faith, and click the link below for some laughing good times.

The Matrix – LEGO


I think The Matrix is one of the best movies to come out in the last 10 years. And say what you will about the sequels, I thought they were alright. Anyway, the second best scene from the first movie has been redone using LEGOs. And, I’m in a Matrix mood, because for the past … Continued

The Scroller Clock


Here’s a live updating clock that is made out of scroll bars.  It’s really quite unique.  And even though Chris thinks it’s weird, I spent at least an hour watching it while I did research on various things for future blog posts.  So now you can watch it and waste hours of your life like … Continued

Grand Canyon Pictures


Everyone was wrong, but whatever.  Here are some Grand Canyon Pictures. They are pretty nice if I do say so myself.  And it really was the most spectacular place in the world to go visit.  I took 1,775 pictures on my camera alone, not counting the 7 rolls of film, 10 minutes of video, and … Continued