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Annual Christmas Awesomeness

Unlike my other annual posts, which have a set date, this one gets posted whenever I feel like it between December 01, and December 23.  Today is December 13, and I like the number 13, and I’ve been watching Christmas light videos.
I was gonna make this a really long post with a whole bunch of videos, but that would be really long, cause there are some good ones I like. So you can just go here to the Tacky Light Tour, and come up with your own favorites

So, here are some videos of awesome Christmas light displays.
Christmas Lights Hero:

Apparently this is a hard game, I don’t know, I don’t play Rock Band/Guitar Hero, but I believe them {MAKE}

Christmas Vacation from High Country Lights on Vimeo.

That was new actually, they did their house up to the theme from Christmas Vacation, which is the best Christmas movie ever made.

And here is Clark Griswold’s House:

Tradition denotes I end with the Wizards in Winter house that started it all:

If any of you guys decorate your house in an awesome manner, let me know.

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