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Microwave Music

Ok, it’s alittle late, but I had to show it, just because it’s so awesome:

I can only imagine how much power was needed to get those microwaves working like that.  I mean, look at all the extension cords!  From my count, it’s 49 microwaves, at around 500 watts each, that’s a lot of power.   even if it was only for a minute each.  Probably why they did it in a warehouse.

I like how they didn’t get 50 of all the same microwaves, but mixed it up, that makes it more awesome.

Made by the awesome people of AKQA

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Traffic Lights were complicated

Then computers were invented.  Here’s a really neat little video explaining how the old style traffic lights work.  The ones that use regular light bulbs, and moving parts, and lots of other breakable items.  Right off the bat, I used to notice burned out traffic lights all the time, but I live in a town, not a big city, so maybe that’s the difference.

I looked for a video explaining how the newer LED based traffic lights work, and look, but couldn’t find one.  Probably because as the guy said above, it looks much like the computer you’re reading this on, and does everything you can think of and then some.

Still it’s neat to see how things worked before we had computers to do everything for us.


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Geometry Wars Natal

Geometry Wars is the 2nd best game on the Xbox 360, and until Halo 3 came out, the only real reason to own the console.  It was so addicting that I skipped class, and homework, and sleep to try and beat my high score.  Like Tetris, it’s just perfect.

What is not perfect is the attempt at a Natal control interface shown below:

From the looks of it, the game does not look easy to control with Natal.  I’m glad to see that Natal is being used for something interesting, but I don’t think it will work.  For one thing, I’m not gonna buy Natal just to play GW, (and as long as its not required for Halo Reach, I probably will never get it).


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Carol of The Bells

Carol of the Bells is the Best Christmas song of all time, just in time for Santa’s trip around the world.

Probably the most famous rendition of it is Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo 12/24.  It’s my favorite one that’s for sure.  Here is the video in all it’s awesome glory:

From the people who brought us the Engineer’s Guide to Cats comes some weird Laser Beam Cats to Carol of The Bells:

And, just to be sure you all will hate me, Ding Fries Are Done:

Goodnight, and Merry Christmas everyone.

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Tetris is in your sleep

I will admit Tetris has been soaked into my mind many times at night when trying to sleep, and to be honest, I don’t know how well this custom pillow case would help me get it off my mind and off to sleep, but, the idea of it being there is awesome in itself.  {Flickr | Boing Boing}

Also, here is a great Simpson’s clip of Tetris

simpsons tetris – MyVideo

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Browser Pong

This game of Pong is different.  Instead of other browser games, which would open up in a little frame on a webpage, this game is played with browser windows themselves.  I love it.  At least from a web developer’s point of view like mine it’s very nice.  They use jQuery, to control everything, and it all plays rather nicely.  I did notice though that there is some lag moving up and down.  If you hold up/down, it doesn’t go as fast as if you press the key alot.  But overall it’s a very nice idea that thinks outside the box.

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Welcome to Preppitania

All hail Preppitania, the preppiest place on this pale planet we call home (you try coming up with a word for home that starts with “P”)

Yahoo Answers has come up with this destination in all of its glory.  After the first sentence where the answerer says it needs to be a fascist government, everything goes downhill.  From only being allowed to wear Moosejaw and Abercrombie, and the only television show being One Tree Hill.

I have one question about the school though, why lawn care.  Maybe I’m not up on my prepitude, but lawn care doesn’t seem right for a preppy kid, but hey, maybe times have changed.

And the sports, football is all good for high school, but Wikipedia tells me that preppy people play other more classy sports, and I tend to agree with Wikipedia (when do I not?).  But hey, things change, so maybe this preppy town is different.

I love the work camp idea though.  I think every fascist government is required to have some for of those, and every government regardless needs a secret police force to maintain power.  So with a combination of those two forces we can get a nice little unending force.  I would put them to work making polo shirts too though.  And after they have made their share of them, they would be expired, but not by firing squad, that’s too realistic, no, how about poisoning them with gas, very Nazi-esque.

And just like the Nazis, the work camp people will be lulled into a false sense of security.  The Secret police, who I will call members of The Hollitzer (you see the play on words there), will lure them into “a store” where on “display” are the scarfs and polos that they put their “hard work” into.  The Hollitzer members will congratulate them, and let them have their pick of what they want, and then poison cologne will be pumped in.

Yes, I like my Preppitania better I must say.

But you can read the full Yahoo! Answers post below if you want:

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David’s Kid at School

Remember David the spider guy?  Well he has returned with another story about how his kid took flash drive to school and tried to play a free open source game on the computers there.  Apparently that’s against the rules, and he’s in trouble now.  His teacher sent David an email, hilarity ensues:

I love the second sentence in the last paragraph he writes, It’s shows so well what’s wrong with society now.  Unfortunately his website 27b/6 seems to be down, so I can’t confirm when this was written, or added or uploaded, but the emails say August, 2009, which was after my original post on him, so it’s safe to say it’s new.

I found this image here at FunnyJunk.

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Wright Brothers Flight Video

I promise I’m not just gonna make anniversary posts, I will get some real new good ones up soon.  But this was a neat little video I stumbled to that I thought I should share regarding a later flight by The Wright Brothers.

My favorite part comes at the 1:30 mark, when you see the guys in the round top hats duck, and walk around, and act all “turn of the century” with their hats, and canes, and the like.

The video is pretty good quality for the time, but the lack of sound makes it eerie.  Not as eerie as the creepiest tree ever, but up there.

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Annual Christmas Awesomeness

Unlike my other annual posts, which have a set date, this one gets posted whenever I feel like it between December 01, and December 23.  Today is December 13, and I like the number 13, and I’ve been watching Christmas light videos.
I was gonna make this a really long post with a whole bunch of videos, but that would be really long, cause there are some good ones I like. So you can just go here to the Tacky Light Tour, and come up with your own favorites

So, here are some videos of awesome Christmas light displays.
Christmas Lights Hero:

Apparently this is a hard game, I don’t know, I don’t play Rock Band/Guitar Hero, but I believe them {MAKE}

Christmas Vacation from High Country Lights on Vimeo.

That was new actually, they did their house up to the theme from Christmas Vacation, which is the best Christmas movie ever made.

And here is Clark Griswold’s House:

Tradition denotes I end with the Wizards in Winter house that started it all:

If any of you guys decorate your house in an awesome manner, let me know.