Deadly Computer Mosaic


Social Mosaic, remember that?  Remember How I didn’t like it?  Well, Chris loved it, and spent like alllll day on it.  So then I went to join him, and tried some home made advertising. So with his help, and with the help of a few others on the site (I’m serious, I had at one … Continued

Home Made Aurora


Way back in 1882 a man by the name of Karl Selim Lemström performed a feat of greatness never seen before, he tapped the sky, and brought light from the heavens down to earth.  How did he do it? Well, he was a pioneer in his own right, because he got this light from an … Continued

Listening to The Man in the Moon


Not the R.E.M. song, although that is a good one.  I’m talking about the actual Apollo 11 landing.  Back in the 1960’s there was a guy who used his own home made equipment to listen in to transmissions coming from the astronauts on the surface of the moon.  CRAZY! Using an antenna that he had … Continued

Tetris Connect 4?


I have no idea how this game ever came into being.  I can imagine the board room discussion. “Hey, you know, my kids love Tetris, and when they were younger, they loved Connect 4.  We should combine the two to create something monstrous!” “Johnson that’s a great idea!” Oh well, it didn’t last long, as … Continued