Listening to The Man in the Moon


Not the R.E.M. song, although that is a good one.  I’m talking about the actual Apollo 11 landing.  Back in the 1960’s there was a guy who used his own home made equipment to listen in to transmissions coming from the astronauts on the surface of the moon.  CRAZY!

Using an antenna that he had to manually move to track the moon, he was able to hear what was being said on the moon 5-10 seconds before it was broadcast on TV.  Now, the delay could be from a number of reasons, but regardless, he was on the right spot.  There will be those doubters that say he was just picking up signal that came from the another station broadcasting it, well, that’s easily disproved because when the moon drifted out of his view, so did the audio.

The most impressive thing about all of this is that he did it, was published in the local newspaper, has audio recordings of it all, and has since been forgotten by society.  The US government didn’t even go after him.  After all, this was the time of Communist spies.  If this happened today you can be sure that whoever did it would be promptly arrested and held without trial until he confessed as to what Terrorist he was working for.

It’s really impressive how this guy did it.  It’s worth the read, and since the font is big, and nice, it goes by quick.  So give it a read, you’ll be impressed.  There are some audio files there you can listen to, but they’re not the best quality, but it still goes to prove it.

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