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Flo, My Credit Report, and Other things, All Happening Now!

It’s the start of the new season of TV.  That means CSI.  And Fringe.  Unfortunately Fox decided to be fucking retarted, and air Fringe opposite CSI, which means that there’s a good chance that it will be canceled by the end of the season due to lack of viewers.  Oh Fox, how you never learn, its a wonder they have any good shows…

Anyway, with the new season of CSI, that means I’m watching live non-recorded TV.  That mean’s commercials.  I hate commercials.  But oftentimes, you have to watch some.  and by watch I mean look around the room at plants and count the number of dust partials you see floating in the glow of the TV.  Most commercials suck, and I pay no attention to them.  But a handful of them will get me to stop counting dust to pay attention

Progressive Insurance’s Flo, and The band are my two favorites, but Sprint has some pretty entertaining commercials too.  Then there’s Optimum, with their IO, Voice, and Online services, that’s probably a local only thing, but some of them are good, I like The Voice, and the ones with the guy in the white screen, those are good.  The return of Catherine Zeta Jones to T-Mobile, but only the first commercial she was in.

You can check out all of them after the click.  And if you’re getting this via RSS, lucky you, you get to view them all anyway!!!

Free Credit has the the catchiest series of commercials I have ever seen.  I catch myself singing the songs in them hours after I’ve seen them.

Here’s the entire play list of their commercials.

Apparently there are a few in-jokes in them too, watch this collection of the first 6 videos to see:

Also, the band has their own website (well, duh) and they have free downloads of all their songs.  Guess which one is my new ringtone!

Fact: I love Flo from the Progressive commercials. She is awesome in person form.

Here’s all of  her commercials (I think), yes, I watched them all, so should you:

The Sprint guy has a great voice.  And telling us what’s happening now is great.  I don’t care if they’re exaggerated alittle and basing all this on statistics, but it’s still cool to watch. Also, I threw in a few other Sprint commercials. The What if Delivery guys ran the world one is awesome!

Here are the other commercials I like.

Those are the commercials I love, I hope you like them too. And if not, well, I guess I just got you to watch 30mins of advertising for no reason, oh well, your fault.
Also because she’s so awesome, here’s a short clip of Stephanie Courtney doing some stand up about the 99 cent store. It’s great!

Well, apparently some people have made some of the offical channels have made these videos Private for an unknown reason. Therefore I had to go look for the unofficial recordings of them from TV, which means they’re of lesser quality. Sorry about that.

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