The Lawn of Weeds


Or Operation Dandelion, as the author likes to describe it.  Dandelions for those who don’t know are one of the most annoyingly satisfying weeds ever.

Anyway, this guy’s lawn looked like this:

And he got a notice on his door from the town/neighborhood/someone official:

Honestly, that yard doesn’t look that bad, I’ve seen worse, but hey, some towns are worse off then others.  Anyway, he decided to plant a few hundred/thousand dandelions, on purpose.  Most of the time, people try to get rid of dandelions this guy is planting them.  Up until I saw this site I didn’t even know you could buy dandelion seeds, seeing as how there is an entire row at Home Depot devoted to poisons for them, but nonetheless, he found some and bought them, and is going to plant them.

Unfortunately, this is a waiting thing now, and we just have to wait till spring comes around before we can see just how many he planted.  I hope it’s alot.

Personally, I would have gone with Daffodils, but, those being bulbs, are slightly more expensive then dandelions, plus, Daffodils are like, official flowers that people will enjoy, and that’s not the point of this experiment.

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