The Deadliest Road


The most iconic assault rifle ever made.  The most prolific gun ever made.  The best gun ever made.  The AK-47.  What do you do with thousands of empty magazines for AK-47s?  Well the obvious answer is fill them up.  But say you’re a peace freak, Well, wtf do you have thousands of empty gun magazines, … Continued

How to Be Persuasive


At first I thought this was gonna be a serious list of advice, then I started reading it.  I was happy though, because it was hilarious!  Here’s an example: You: “Dogs are better than cats.” Opponent: “I prefer cats.” You: “But cats eat babies! They dig their rabid muzzles into infants’ chests and rip their … Continued

Google’s Crop Circles


In case you missed it, here’s the second in Google’s strange Doodle series.  This one links to a search about Crop Circles.  It’s interesting if only because most crop circles now adays are over complicated works of “art” made by people with no respect for the crops they destroy, nothing outlandish such as UFOs. Anyway, … Continued

Interesting Clock Idea


That’s a hanging clock design.  It’s interesting how they came up with the design.  I don’t know if I like Mint Boy though.  It’s alittle over the top if you ask me, I think the original concept better, where it’s just hanging from a wall: That’s something that you can easily add to a wall … Continued

The 9s are here


09:09:09 09.09. 09 Tell me that that isn’t the coolest time there is? Well, in 2 years on the 11th of November, that will be a better time, but 9 is a good second.  By the way, that’s my font I used to make the 9s.  I like it.

Extreme Water Rockets


Water Rocket with 3 boosters from AirCommand on Vimeo. When I was a kid I used to launch water rockets in my backyard.  Nothing as elaborate as these, just 2L bottle of  soda half filled with water and a compressor.  They never went too high, 50 feet if we were lucky, but it was good … Continued



Today there is a doodle on Google’s home page.  It’s marked “unexplained phenomenon” and has a picture of a UFO abducting the second “o.”  This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Google still has a sense of humor, and is still an awesome company. We you expecting a doodle today?  I wasn’t, were … Continued

Your own Custom Fonts


This is one of the coolest websites ever to be created.  Font Capture has a template that you print out, fill out, scan in, and from it, it will create a free font for you, based on your handwriting.  For the longest time I wanted to create my own fonts to use in designs, and … Continued