Propaganda!  How obvious you were back with hindsight, how cute, and silly, but how important and needed you were too.  Here’s a list of a bunch of propaganda posters from the WW2 era.  Mostly they are of the Ally side, but there’s a few others in there too.

One thing that’s different about WW2, and what makes it so engraved in the minds of people, is the unified enemy – Hitler and the Nazis.  There’s just nothing like that.  The communists were good, but we never really went to war with them officially, we skated around it.  If we had a full out US vs. USSR war, that would be different, mostly to the tune of 7000 balistic missiles raining down on the inhabited world, but that’s a different story, and a lovely sight:

Anyway, here’s 2 more posters I liked:

Too bad they’d have a hard time tying her for anything.

Haha, ok.

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