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Sat Phones

Ever since I can remember wanting a Cell phone, I can remember wanting a Sat phone more.  For those that don’t know a sat phone is short for satellite phone.  Most of the time, these phones have recption all over the world, (except indoors, or underground) .  Something about that just strikes me as cool.  Forget the fact that they have bad reception, are expensive, and for the average person is unneeded, I want one.

So when I saw this earlier this summer I got alittle excited.  It will probably cost more money then I will have, and it will probably not be needed seeing as I have no interest in moving to Africa, or the Amazon, but intend to stay within the tri-state area for most of my life, but if they get it all working, bam! I will so sign up for it, (providing I have a job, and some money to burn)

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