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17 Stumbles XVII

So it’s that time again, time for new Stumbles. I don’t know what to call this.  I’ve been thinking about it for nearly a month.  Luckly, for us, I have decided to keep Chris’ stumbles experiment part of the official numbering system.  He should thank me, and 17 is my favorite number.  Anyway, so, this time around we are back to the crude humor you’ve come to expect: poop, Nazis, memes, and racism.  Ah the internet.  What wonders you hold.   Full list after the click, enjoy.

Welcome to the internet my friend, it is indeed awesome! {source}

this is awesome! {source}

I really like this map. {source}

This kitty knows who his master is.  I wonder if that family has a cat that looks like Hitler?  Maybe one is the leader, and the other is the follower, I wonder if there’s a Himmler, maybe they commit genocide against the puppies?  Too far, nah, I don’t think so. {source}

I can relate to that. {source}

This reminds me soo much of HollaDaddy Sooooo much.  {source}

You know, I agree with him completely.  There is alot of crap online now, 90% of the pictures are blurry, and 75% of those are claimed blurry for “artistic” purposes, when in reality, the blurriness makes it look like you were too drunk to hold a camera straight when you were taking a picture of the stationary stapler, outside, during the day.  I almost wish we went back to film…almost {source}

Scare Bear is watching you….{source}

Haha, that’s probably the best one of those there is.  What a stupid meme.  {source}

Wait, I forgot about this one:

Haha, that one makes me laugh. {source}

That’s an awesome idea for a grill, and by awesome I mean, ingenuity in a needy situation.  I wonder if they used it to bring the stuff to/from the picnic? {source}

Some of them shoot you with hidden guns, not unlike robots actually {source}

Thats it for today, gotta keep the robots at bay.  Good morning!

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