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The Sky

It’s no secret that I love the sky.  I can (and have) sat for hours just looking at the clouds as they pass.  Whenever I go on a trip on an airplane, I require a window seat, and spend 90% of the time looking out it.  I love it.  So this history of the sky experiment is right up my alley.

Some people in San Francisco have set up a camera and a computer to take a picture of the sky every 10 seconds.  They then use fancy software to categorize the images and separate them by day.  Then they go and make a time-lapse video of them.  The above video is part of the experience so far.  It shows the first 42 days.  The amazing thing to keep in mind though, is that all 42 of those individual movie frames are synchronized.  So noon on the first screen is noon on the 3rd one in on the 4th row, and noon on the very last one.  The first day of the experiment is in the upper left, and the newest day in the bottom right.  The coolest thing about the video, is when it fades to black at the end of the day, slowly fading row by row from the bottom up.

The creators envision this being displayed in a few different ways, ideally it being someway you can see all 365 days at once.  I like it.  I want to go see it, it looks awesome.


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