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How to Be Persuasive

At first I thought this was gonna be a serious list of advice, then I started reading it.  I was happy though, because it was hilarious!  Here’s an example:

  • You: “Dogs are better than cats.”
  • Opponent: “I prefer cats.”
  • You: “But cats eat babies! They dig their rabid muzzles into infants’ chests and rip their kidneys out!”
  • Opponent: “No they don’t!”
  • You: “They do! And they killed my great grandmother! Twice!”

Personally, I think it was a dog dressed up as a cat that killed your grandmother.  Unless, wait, was your grandmother Jewish?  Oh, it could have been one of these guys then, they’ve been known to start world wars, invade countries, and commit other various acts against the human rights and stuff.

Take a look at the advice yourself, you might learn something.

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