The 9s are here


09:09:09 09.09. 09

Tell me that that isn’t the coolest time there is?

Well, in 2 years on the 11th of November, that will be a better time, but 9 is a good second.  By the way, that’s my font I used to make the 9s.  I like it.

4 responses to “The 9s are here

    1. yea, that’s the next one, but I don’t like the number 10. I like 11, it looks nicer.

      That’s not to say that next year I won’t be posting a 10 day post too.

  1. I don’t remember anyone caring about any other of these matching month/date/year things during the past decade. I’m going to make fun of you for it until 2012, when it won’t happen again for a while and might actually be worth mentioning.

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