Bathtub steam boats


Making your own steam boat sounds cool.  Especially a small mini one that you can use in the bathtub, (with or without you in it also).  The design seems simple, with the hardest part being the soldering of the copper tubes, because it is much harder to solder copper tubes then copper wires, but these … Continued



Propaganda!  How obvious you were back with hindsight, how cute, and silly, but how important and needed you were too.  Here’s a list of a bunch of propaganda posters from the WW2 era.  Mostly they are of the Ally side, but there’s a few others in there too. One thing that’s different about WW2, and … Continued

Spinning String


More fun then should be allowed.  Really, it’s that good making these 3D shapes with spinning string thing.  The concept is simple, but the results are cool. Draw some lines anywhere like this: Then, when you got enough (you really only need 1 or 2), hit the spin button and watch what happens as those … Continued

Sat Phones


Ever since I can remember wanting a Cell phone, I can remember wanting a Sat phone more.  For those that don’t know a sat phone is short for satellite phone.  Most of the time, these phones have recption all over the world, (except indoors, or underground) .  Something about that just strikes me as cool.  … Continued

17 Stumbles XVII


So it’s that time again, time for new Stumbles. I don’t know what to call this.  I’ve been thinking about it for nearly a month.  Luckly, for us, I have decided to keep Chris’ stumbles experiment part of the official numbering system.  He should thank me, and 17 is my favorite number.  Anyway, so, this … Continued

Nuclear Attack


Ah what an awesome site (pun intended).  Here you can find maps that predict the fallout that each state can experience if a nuclear war were to happen today. As you can see, most sites of detonations are around major cities, so if you’re well outside a major city, you should be alright provided that … Continued

The worst game ever


lose/lose from zach gage on Vimeo. Lose/Lose looks like a regular old shoot the aliens game doesn’t it?  Well it its, to a point.  Every alien is a representation of a file on your hard drive.  When you kill an alien, you permanently delete that file.  It’s a random file too.  The only up part … Continued

Grand Theft Auto – Google City


Well, it’s not really Grand Theft Auto, it’s more like, drive around Google Maps in a cartoon car/bus/truck.  Unlike a real video game, there are no boundaries, and you can drive over water, cars, buildings, and anything with no damage/resistance.  Once you get over the fact that you have a little sprite that you’re controlling, … Continued

The Answer


Well the answer to the question of what do the strange unexplained Google Doodles mean has finally been given by Google themselves.  Turns out it was all a celebration of H.G. Well’s birthday, which is today.  He is 143 years old.  That’s old, older the Hitler. And he wrote one of my favorite sci-fi books … Continued

The Sky


It’s no secret that I love the sky.  I can (and have) sat for hours just looking at the clouds as they pass.  Whenever I go on a trip on an airplane, I require a window seat, and spend 90% of the time looking out it.  I love it.  So this history of the sky … Continued