OMG Stumbles 16!!!!!!1!!1!


That’s right, I’m taking over the collection of stumbles for its sweet 16 celebration. Now, if Steve considers this canonical or not, well that’s up to him. He may figure that since he didn’t write it, it doesn’t count, but I say he left! And since (I don’t think) he doesn’t have a set schedule … Continued

Save the Planet


This is the best advice ever.  So good in fact that it forgoes the inclusion on a “Best of Stumbles” list, because it deserves it’s own post.  So good that I am paying $19.99/minute to post this on a dial-up connection on a Unix machine with blood stains all over it. Listen to it, take … Continued

Blue, what have you done?!


Yes, Blue. Everyone’s favorite little blue dog from Nick Jr. has a dark, secret past. Even worse than that Steve character she used to hang around who got caught doing drugs or something. Come on, you know he HAD to be high to pull off that show. Remember when his brother Joe came and took … Continued

ZeroEdge Aquariums


We’ve featured a couple aquariums from time to time on the blog. Some were awesome, some were weird (even by my standards). And actually, the table aquariums inspired me to design my own that would be the future centerpiece of my living room, but that was during happier, more employed times. I might still revisit … Continued



Exactly 64 years ago the atomic age was officially entered. With the bombing of Hiroshima by the United States in World War II, the face of the world was changed, both figuratively, and literally, since then we remain the only nation to use an Atomic bomb on another. Alot of people look at Truman’s decision … Continued

I love clocks.


I first saw this quite a while ago on my RSS feeds but I’m really lazy when it comes to the blog. Also, I was working full time and well, tired at night. So if you’ve already seen this, well too bad. It’s no secret that we here at Deadly Computer are big fans of … Continued

Steve’s Vacation


Steve has no faith in me. He has such little faith, he didn’t even ask if I would try and post some things. Well, little does he know that I have had a couple posts rumbling around in my brain for a while and I just might be persuaded to take over the blog for … Continued

Isla Nublar


I’m going on vacation to Isla Nublar.  Well, the mainland anyway.  That island is still off limits to the public, and Sam Neil is not offering to take me on a private tour of it, so legally, I couldn’t go.  Anyway, that is where I will be for the next 8 days, and there will … Continued



Like the name?  I was inspired by Xbox live names.  people think all those X’s are cool.  I see them and laugh, and then mute their 10yr old asses.  And then proceed to kick their asses.  Anyway, I felt that Stumbles 15 deserved a “cool name”  so I made it Roman Numeral, and added some … Continued