The Pleasentview


Welcome to Plesentview, where everyone’s welcome.  What is The Pleasentview, well it’s a location made in The Sims 3.  It’s a house, that once you enter, you can never leave.  The author calls it a Concentration camp, I call it a prison.  You see there are Foosball tables, chess boards, catch, exercise equipment, and a TV.  This isn’t a concentration camp.  Where are the gas chambers, the mass graves, the guards?

Look at those beds, all the space between them, and none are triple bunked!  Oh, what’s that, a TV in the corner with a comfy chair.  Himmler never dreamed of this!

Yes, those are treadmills and two sims playing catch, and chess boards, and other fun things to do.

This is a concentration camp:

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