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Exploding Building Toy!!!

See those buildings, look at how big they are, they are models, the glass looking one to the left that I think looks like The Sears Tower, is apparently 9 feet tall.  9 feet tall is tall.  That’s taller then the ceilings of homes.  That means you have to build it outside, or in a garage.  That’s insane!

Anyway, back on topic.  Look at what these toys do:

You get to make them explode!

Now, this is kind of old, but their site suffered from an insane amount of traffic, and was unavailable for a few months.  I forget about it, but now I’m going through my bookmarks of things I meant to post, and saw that it worked, and felt I must share.

You can buy extra floors and get it to as high as your budget allows.

The toys are safe, and easy to use, and it looks like tons of fun.  Like making a LEGO tower and then stomping all over it, except instead of stomping all over it, you press a button.  Kind of like putting a firecracker in it, except you can rebuild the tower and start over again when it’s done.

Truly awesome stuff!  Buy one now!

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