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Flowing Mercury

This is probably one of the coolest designed fountains ever.  Instead of using water, it uses liquid mercury.  Deadly, but beautiful.  It’s so different, the texture of it, it makes it look exotic, and cool.  Reminds me of the T-1000.  It was built to honor the memories of the mercury miners of Almaden, currently it is housed behind glass, to prevent people from toxic exposure to the metal and awesome super powers, birth defects.

Look at it balled up like that, isn’t it beautiful looking?  To think that that joined together is really a merciless killing machine…

That view actually makes it alittle hard to see that it’s mercury, and not water.  But you get an idea of what the structure of it is like, and it is a cool looking fountain.

This got me thinking, why don’t we have other liquid fountains.  Like any of the other elements, they would have to be enclosed to keep out the heat/pressure, but I’m sure they would look pretty cool!

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