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The Street Sweeper

street sweeper
Ever wonder what it’s like driving a Street Sweeper?  Probably boring, crappy job right?  Well, take a walk in Bruiser’s shoes and you will find that, its awesome!  Now, it is a long read, 80 pages, but it is so worth it.  Plus I embedded it here for your reading pleasure you lazy person you.  Now you have no excuse, unless its a cool excuse, like the glare from the sun reflected off one of the smiley faces used in the paper, and refracted to a high intensity laser and blinded you, but no one else because after you screamed, you waved your arms and knocked the shades askew, and the sun was never there anymore, and now everyone thinks you went to a terrorist website that blinds you when you click here for a new iPhone.
Bruiser: A street sweeper’s tales.
street sweeper photo – wiki

PS Does anyone else think the Scribd logo looks a lot like the Picasa one?

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