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OMG Stumbles 16!!!!!!1!!1!

That’s right, I’m taking over the collection of stumbles for its sweet 16 celebration. Now, if Steve considers this canonical or not, well that’s up to him. He may figure that since he didn’t write it, it doesn’t count, but I say he left! And since (I don’t think) he doesn’t have a set schedule for Stumbles posts, well here we go.

ATATAwww look at the cute little AT-AT! He just wants to go outside. I hope it’s not a blizzard out there! [source]

camelI actually knew a girl like this in high school. She was my lab partner in chemistry. So in case you read this Allison, yes I’m calling you a hypochondriac. [source]

humor,visual,text-2e1d140ea65d31493228a43ad9751d92_hThis is actually 100% true of myself. [source]

Lesson5This is one of my new favorite web comics (even though its quite obviously not a comic). Also, I seem to have taken the path of most skill required for fame. Damn! [source]

lookduckThis giraffe has been taking lessons. Dis yo duck? [source]

starbucks_truth_advertisingIt just wouldn’t be a stumbles post without something vaguely offensive. But seriously, Starbucks could get their coffee beans from anywhere, by any method and people would pay $8 for a cup. That’s a problem, people. [source]

poopedThis is the first time I’ve ever seen the word “dookeyed” spelled out. And while I doubt that’s the correct spelling, I have the sense of humor of an 8 year old. [source]

18You should really click on that so you can read it. Not only is it one of my favorite web comics of all time, but also one of my core tenets. Also, another poop joke! Steve would never put poop jokes in his stumbles. [source]

1442This is more of a “revenge post” because it pretty much sums up my ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Also, check out how much better the art is between the previous one and this one. Almost makes me think that is I drew constantly every day for 5 or 6 years I could be good too! [source]

funny-pictures-cat-dreams-of-cheeseburgersLyle has the same problem any cat of mine would have. For the record, I don’t believe in forcing animals to conform to my dietary choices. Just so PETA doesn’t rocket my apartment or anything. [source]

1ffd2f0dc0b0-xlEspecially if your name is Gordon Freeman, I’m sure. Oh puns! [source]

17I’m a big supporter of changing our money. At the very least not having giant, stupid looking purple 5’s on there. This website had a bunch of redesigns, some good, some jokes, some bad. I liked this the most, even though I HATE the reverse design. Hence, why I didn’t bother posting that. [source]

Chasing_pavements_by_iNeedChemicalXThere’s so much going on in this picture. I love it. The reflections show so much more than you would expect. [source]

1242423168831186This is such an awesome picture, it makes me wish I had any kind of imagination with photography. Because I don’t, that why I usually don’t take pictures of people. I love how the girl’s eye is also the projected girls mouth agape in a scream. It contrasts so well with the peaceful, sultry look of the real girl. [source]

I had a video to share too, but WordPress is being a little bitch. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my take on the Stumbles tradition. Maybe I’ll come back and screw with Steve’s plans some more.

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