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Save the Planet

This is the best advice ever.  So good in fact that it forgoes the inclusion on a “Best of Stumbles” list, because it deserves it’s own post.  So good that I am paying $19.99/minute to post this on a dial-up connection on a Unix machine with blood stains all over it.

Listen to it, take it to heart, and stop worrying, stop donating, and stop listening, and stop complaining that the human race is destroying the planet.  If anything the planet is going to destroy us, because it can adapt, we can’t, or haven’t yet.  And you can read that however you want to, just remember that global warming is hyped up BS.

Now I gotta go find some shot gun ammo, and the controls for the door lock…


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Steve has to restore power to the complex where he is currently vacationing. Unfortunately, some of the local fauna has a taste for meat, preferably when its still running.

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