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I love clocks.

I first saw this quite a while ago on my RSS feeds but I’m really lazy when it comes to the blog. Also, I was working full time and well, tired at night. So if you’ve already seen this, well too bad.

It’s no secret that we here at Deadly Computer are big fans of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. They make some really cool things but I consider most of their designs to be totally useless, because I also don’t desire to make stuff in my spare time just for the act of making something. Whatever.

This clock, though. This is awesome.

look at this!

They used 3 concentric rings of 12 LEDs (our favorite) and wooden post in the middle to create the shadows that you read the time off of. Evil Mad Scientists also say that it is difficult to photgraph LEDs (which I totally believe) and that the colors are actually more vibrant in person. So in this case, the time was 9:20:05 or so. I would love to have this in my cubicle at work.

I think the only problem would be getting it to work. I ride the subways to work every morning and if just a little bit of this was visible from my bag (while getting my book or headphones or something out of said bag) I could get into a lot trouble, because people are paranoid.

So please, Mr. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories/Santa/Easter Bunny/non-denominational gift giving person of choice, make this kit available for the common people. I love it and would buy it immediately.

Oh yeah, it’s actually based off this, but I like the Evil Mad Scientists version better.


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