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Barcodes should be like this

Why do barcodes need to be all straight lines and boring like they are.  They haven’t changed in 50 years or so, they’re boring, and make otherwise nice stuff crappy looking.  More companies should take this route, and get some design in their barcodes.  I would buy something that had a barcode like that on it.

I think the City and the waterfall one are my favorite.  And to be honest, I’m surprised that Disney World doesn’t employ the castle one, cause that’s what that one reminds me of.

Anyway, hopefully American companies will change their ways…

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The Movie Map

You must click on that link to make it full size cause that tiny view doesn’t do it justice.  It’s organized by movie genera, and in the form of a subway map.  It’s pretty neat actually.  The choices for the movies themselves came from the IMDb top 250 movies as of June 19, 2009.  I’ve seen alot of them on the list, and, I’m happy to say that my two favorite movies are on the list, Die Hard, and Terminator 2.

There are a bunch of different routes I would take.  Going through it, I think I would make at least one stop on ever line.  I’d stop on almost every one on 10, transfer to 9, ride the 8 to the begining, then back up 6, then ride that all the way around, stop off at 12 Angry Men, then take that all the way around to 1, then go over the 15, take that all the way around back to 1, jump on 13 over at Star Wars, and take that to Back to the Future.  Rest for the night, then go back to 1 the same way, make my way to 2, take that stopping at Wall-E on 16, and travel down there, making all the stops but Ratatouille.

I think I got them all, but I’m not sure, I probably missed a line or 2 that I just couldn’t make without stopping for the night, like I did with 13 – Sci-Fi.  There should be more cross overs there.  Terminator is a Sci-Fi, as is The Matrix!

What would your route be?  It doesn’t need to be as complicated as mine, don’t worry.

Check out the PDF of the map to see it in higher resolution, and to get the list of the top 250 in order at the bottom of it.  Movie map


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Hard water is Ice

Yes and no, and i don’t need any scientific reasons as to why I’m wrong/right.  Anyway, here are some awesome ice cube tray makers.

I know someone who would like this, I think.  Buy them, $8.99.

I think the name of this one is just great!  Not sure how well the fossils will stay together though.  Buy one $8.00

This is my favorite one.  I want that set, I would use it often.  Buy one $6.10.

This is a good one to pair with the AK-47 bullet ice cube tray.  You could make a ransom note out of Ice, and then shoot some with an ice bullet and leave no traces! Buy one $28.80.

There are a bunch of other cool Ice cube trays to take a look at them.  They have Tetris ones, which I’ve covered before, and LEGO ones, which I’ve covered before, among other cool ones.  Maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for someone! (Hint, I want the Gin & Titonic)

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The Pleasentview

Welcome to Plesentview, where everyone’s welcome.  What is The Pleasentview, well it’s a location made in The Sims 3.  It’s a house, that once you enter, you can never leave.  The author calls it a Concentration camp, I call it a prison.  You see there are Foosball tables, chess boards, catch, exercise equipment, and a TV.  This isn’t a concentration camp.  Where are the gas chambers, the mass graves, the guards?

Look at those beds, all the space between them, and none are triple bunked!  Oh, what’s that, a TV in the corner with a comfy chair.  Himmler never dreamed of this!

Yes, those are treadmills and two sims playing catch, and chess boards, and other fun things to do.

This is a concentration camp:

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Exploding Building Toy!!!

See those buildings, look at how big they are, they are models, the glass looking one to the left that I think looks like The Sears Tower, is apparently 9 feet tall.  9 feet tall is tall.  That’s taller then the ceilings of homes.  That means you have to build it outside, or in a garage.  That’s insane!

Anyway, back on topic.  Look at what these toys do:

You get to make them explode!

Now, this is kind of old, but their site suffered from an insane amount of traffic, and was unavailable for a few months.  I forget about it, but now I’m going through my bookmarks of things I meant to post, and saw that it worked, and felt I must share.

You can buy extra floors and get it to as high as your budget allows.

The toys are safe, and easy to use, and it looks like tons of fun.  Like making a LEGO tower and then stomping all over it, except instead of stomping all over it, you press a button.  Kind of like putting a firecracker in it, except you can rebuild the tower and start over again when it’s done.

Truly awesome stuff!  Buy one now!

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iPhone Rampage

One word describes this video.  Insane.

Everyone’s been there before, traffic for no reason, or cause the sun is reflecting off the trees when the wind blows 5.2mph, and it gets in the eyes of the 57 year old lady who is already driving 10mph below the speed limit, and causing delays.  Makes you want to take out the Glock you wish you had in your glove compartment and just drop everyone.  Go all William Foster on the world.

Anyway, its a pretty funny video, that will get you through your Friday alittle quicker. {Gizmodo}

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Flowing Mercury

This is probably one of the coolest designed fountains ever.  Instead of using water, it uses liquid mercury.  Deadly, but beautiful.  It’s so different, the texture of it, it makes it look exotic, and cool.  Reminds me of the T-1000.  It was built to honor the memories of the mercury miners of Almaden, currently it is housed behind glass, to prevent people from toxic exposure to the metal and awesome super powers, birth defects.

Look at it balled up like that, isn’t it beautiful looking?  To think that that joined together is really a merciless killing machine…

That view actually makes it alittle hard to see that it’s mercury, and not water.  But you get an idea of what the structure of it is like, and it is a cool looking fountain.

This got me thinking, why don’t we have other liquid fountains.  Like any of the other elements, they would have to be enclosed to keep out the heat/pressure, but I’m sure they would look pretty cool!

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The Expendables

The Expendables is gonna be awesome!  I first saw this a few weeks ago.  It’s a movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone.  It has every action star you can imagine.  Yes, a cameo by Arnold.  And what cemented my viewing of this film was the cameo by Bruce Willis.

Who cares about the plot, or the script, or anything really.  It has Arnold, and Willis, and Statham, and Nick Searcy, among other people.  This is gonna be a kick ass movie.  Just to see all these guys on screen at the same time shooting guns, punching people, and having a grand ‘ol time, it’s magic.  We just need Alan Rickman, Sean Bean, and Ed Harris on the bad guys list, and it would be even better!


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The Street Sweeper

street sweeper
Ever wonder what it’s like driving a Street Sweeper?  Probably boring, crappy job right?  Well, take a walk in Bruiser’s shoes and you will find that, its awesome!  Now, it is a long read, 80 pages, but it is so worth it.  Plus I embedded it here for your reading pleasure you lazy person you.  Now you have no excuse, unless its a cool excuse, like the glare from the sun reflected off one of the smiley faces used in the paper, and refracted to a high intensity laser and blinded you, but no one else because after you screamed, you waved your arms and knocked the shades askew, and the sun was never there anymore, and now everyone thinks you went to a terrorist website that blinds you when you click here for a new iPhone.
Bruiser: A street sweeper’s tales.
street sweeper photo – wiki

PS Does anyone else think the Scribd logo looks a lot like the Picasa one?

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I’m Back!

Yes, I am back with a vengeance.  Ok, not a vengeance, I just like that word.

Anyway, I did completly underestimate Chris, I wasn’t expecting him to post anything, seeing as he hasn’t in well over 2 years.  He surprised me, it will not happen again.  As for his entry into Stumbles 16, I am debating if that is a true entry or not, time will tell.

As for me, my vacation was awesome, I survived my encounters with the local wildlife, and even saw a raptor skeleton:

Yes indeed, there are raptors among us.

I’m still going through my photos, I took over 1300 of them, so it will take some time.  If you guys want to see them, you should ask nicely and maybe when i get around to finish going through them, I’ll post a link to them.  Maybe, you have to ask nicely though.  And if no one asks, then no one gets it.