Total Eclipse of the Heart


Well the Sun is the heart of our Solar System.  And in Asia there was a Total Solar Eclipse, which is awesome.  I want to see one of those one day.  Isn’t it kinda strange that the moon is the perfect size to totally eclipse it when their paths intersect?  I think that’s weird.  I mean, what are the natural coincidences of that?  What about the fact that the Moon has a pretty circular orbit, or a pretty circular shape?  All point to strange things in the history of our solar system.  We think the Moon is natural, but there’s just too many coincidences for me to fully believe that.

Now I’ll get into some crazy conspiracy/story talk…

We did land on The Moon, 40 years ago Monday.  But its what we found there that’s the reason we never went back.  Not something like a stone obelisk, but something that scared us.  In my opinion, the Moon is s staging ground.  It’s a jumping stone to the Sun.  The inhabitants of the Moon of Iapetus. 19,000 Earth years ago (only 650 Years on Saturn), the Juneians discovered the power of space flight.  They had prospered for Nearly 1000 years on their own Planet, (moon).  They worshiped Saturn and it’s rings of life, for once every year the Moon traveled through the Rings replenishing their supplies and giving hope for the next long year.  However around 600 years ago a rogue Comet was discovered on an intersect course with their beloved god of the Sky Saturn.  They prayed, and researched ways to prevent it, but everything they did showed there was no chance, the comet would strike, it was just a matter of where.

Then something amazing happened.  The rogue comet grazed an asteroid in mid flight, and was deflected and deformed.  It soon went on spiral course to it’s death.  The gravity field of Saturn and it’s Moons crushed the comet before it could scar the god’s skin, and one more ring was added to it’s belt.  But this comet didn’t just explode anywhere, it pushed the moon Iapetus through the rings, and altered it’s orbit.  Life quickly changed on the surface, and soon, the Juneians were left with just memories of their dear home to go by.  It was then that they went on a pilgrimage to the Sun.  The second light bringer in their sky.

They felt that if they could get to the Sun, they would be able to collect it’s energy up close store it, and then use it to propel their forsaken planet back to it’s original orbit.  Their journey has taken them many millions of miles, over many hundreds of years.  And they are still too far away to collect enough energy.  Their ships can only travel a few dozen million miles at a time before they need repair and recharge.  However, the closer they get to the Sun, the quicker it is to recharge, repairs take as long as needed though, there is no speeding up manual labor.

About 200 years ago the Juneians arrived at our Moon.  The landed on it, and began their repairs and recharge when they noticed something odd about the planet below.  It was full of life, and intelligent life at that.  They have spent the last 2 centuries studying us and learning from us, but they dared not meet us.  When humanity began to explore their heavens, the Juneians became concerned.  Surly they would find us, and then what would happen?  They had witnessed the massive war, and the destructive power of their weapons, they did not want their mission to fail, but at the same time, the power in those weapons had the potential to fix their planet.

So when the humans landed on their Moon for the 3rd time the Juneians made first contact.

And that’s where I’ll end my story for tonight.

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