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The History of the universe based on Movies

Ever wondered what happened in the year 4 Billion B.C?  Well according to 2001 a Space Odyssey, Aliens left a monolith on Earth.

Did you know that in 35,000 B.C. two cavemen in Texas met an alien in their ice cave, at least that’s what The X-Files says.

Then every 100 years for the next 3000 years starting around 3000 B.C. on October 10 the “Predators arrive for their feasting ritual on xenomorphs and humans”

Then it’s pretty much history till 993 when Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is founded.  Some more history with bits and pieces of fiction thrown in.  And in 3028 the Drej destroy the planet – Titan A.E.

All this and more is available at this extensive list of movie history.  The time line starts in the beginning, and goes to the year 800,000.  It must have taken forever to put together, and it’s really a well done list.  You kinda get annoyed with the constant repetition of the Predators part, but that’s forgivable, since it’s such an all encompassing list.

{photo – wiki}

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