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Stumbles 14, The Great Divide

Stumbles 14 is upon us.  With it comes great dealings of grandeur, lots, some misfortune, and general humor all around.  There is also a small reminder of one of the legends to have passed recently.  Such sad times.  But fear not because I’ll give you some stuff to laugh about in it too.  So go ahead click the more link, I promise you it won’t go to a rick roll.

Well said internet picture people, well said {source}

This person may think he’s a gangster, but as the above illustration showed, he is not.  {source}

The caption speaks for itself for all you “awesome college bands” and all you people who like weird no name bands. {source}

How? {source}

This sums up religion pretty good actually.  {source}

I guess you can only jump through so many walls before you get caught {source}

You really gotta read it to get the full effect of it, but it’s good.  Speaks for all the people who live in gated communities where you’re not allowed to do stuff cause otherwise the secret monster will come and eat you at night if your house doesn’t look the same. {source}

I know more then a few vegetarians and vegans, and not meat eating people.  For the most part, I think they are weird and crazy.  But two or three of them I like pretty good to more then great.  {source}

Dumb and stupid, but smileworthy {source}

You really have to read the article to get the full effect, otherwise it makes no sense. {source}

That is a worthy renaming of the caps lock key. {source}

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