Luck can get you far


While the quality of the video is pretty crappy at some points, there are a few WTF moments. My favorite is when the guy gets out of his car. I wont say what happens, but its…the best. There is one clearly staged clip, the one with the bank, if I remember correctly, that was part … Continued

DIY SLR Lens Case


I’m going on vacation on Monday.  I’m also bringing my camera, and my lenses.  I just got this super sweet 11-16mm ultra wide lens. And now have no room in my old camera bag for my stuff.  (Plus I’m taking my dad’s flash, and a couple other things.  So I found this large, old camera … Continued

Iowa are you for real?


Iowa? Really? Is this your true colors? Bing at 75% I don’t get it. Not even Microsoft’s homeland have that much, in fact you double them. What is this? Especially considering from the looks of it your neighbors haven’t even heard of Bing, let alone use it and love it! And something is lacking because … Continued



It’s been kinda stormy weather lately, but not the type of storms where there’s alot of lightning.  Or if there was it was all durring the day, and that made for bad photos.  That changed about 30 minutes ago tonight.  I stood on my front porch and took about 40 arbitrary length shots of the … Continued

Crazy German Man


This guy is insane.  He straps some custom made inline skates to his feet and decides that a normal skating trip down a steep hill isn’t scary enough, so he goes down a roller coaster.  Wow.  And if that’s not enough, he made some other custom skates and got pulled behind a car going 190 … Continued

Total Eclipse of the Heart


Well the Sun is the heart of our Solar System.  And in Asia there was a Total Solar Eclipse, which is awesome.  I want to see one of those one day.  Isn’t it kinda strange that the moon is the perfect size to totally eclipse it when their paths intersect?  I think that’s weird.  I … Continued

Faces, in Clothes


I see Darth Vader in that, well, sorta, it reminds me of Darth Vader, let’s leave it there.  It looks like that’s made of socks, a shirt and a tie maybe.  Weird.  Here’s some more examples: I like the use of shadows for the eyes, very nicely done.  Also, this looks like a shrunken head. … Continued

Science! At work!


I don’t take to well to the modulated voice, but i learned some interesting stuff.  I learned about the Leidenfrost effect first hand: The Leidenfrost effect is a phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid’s boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer which keeps that liquid … Continued

North of South?


Here’s a neat little text that figures out where your accent is based, Northern, or Southern United States. The most interesting part is choosing the different answers and finding out where they are most commonly spoken. As it turns out I’m 45% Yankee, which means north.

Military robots are a Bad Idea


When will the military learn.  Have 4 Terminator movies not been enough to show that robots do not belong on the battlefield, or making the decisions, or anywhere besides a book.  You would think that anyway.  But it seems that saving one human life on the battlefield is worth killing 1000 human lives in 5 … Continued