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Live in an Airplane

This house has 3 things going for it.

  1. it’s a airplane
  2. it’s in a tree – kinda
  3. it’s awesome

Let me stress the last part, it’s awesome.

See it’s kinda in a tree, it’s high up in the trees, so that counts as in a tree in my book.

And the inside of it looks nice too!  It’s a total win win situation.  I wonder how much it cost, and where they got the plane from?  {source}

There’s a bunch of speculation in the comments of that blog, with no real link to the original or mention as to where this house is.  Some claim it’s a hotel, but fail to provide links to it.

This example on MAKE of an airplane house is much better.

Around $24,000 for a real airplane turned into a house, I can totally afford that.  I would to.  I am jelous of that house.

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