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Would you accept this spider as payment?

Do you think that drawing is worth $233.95?  It’s creator did.  But the power company, which was asking for the money did not.

You’ve seen that before, everyone has, it’s just the latest thing to sweep the web (actually, it happened almost a year ago, but whatever).  What you may not know is that that wasn’t the only such transaction that took place.  No, I recently stumbled to this forum post, which led me to his website, which is awesome, I haven’t laughed so much so hard in so long.

His gym membership was going to expire, and he got some emails about renewing it.  There’s no drawings involved, but there are steroids, here’s a clip:

I originally joined your gym with full intentions of attending every few days but after waiting in vain for someone to offer me steroids, I began to suspect this was not going to happen and the realisation that I may have to exercise instead was, quite frankly, horrifying.

And that’s the 3rd or 4th email he sent them.

He also has some other drawings for sale:

You can buy this one of a kind drawing called Whale Looking For Mate for only $2,800.

He then tries to go on a test drive of a motorcycle, without a license.  This conversation is actually pretty civil, with the receiving end, a Mr. Peter taking everything in stride.

You could find out his views on the internet and it’s many faces.

Or the conversation that started with starving children, and just went everywhere else.

I really like the party he gets himself invited to.

Read them all, they’re all good, some other gems I left out because I didn’t want to just go down the side bar and list them all.

His best quality is being able to go off on tangents that make perfect sense in regards to the conversation going on.  I feel like me and him could get along perfectly, and end up talking about the color of the car that my uncle and I passed one day when we were going to the movies, and how it really didn’t fit the person driving it.  I mean, what kind of guy drives a lime green Jeep with a soft top?  It just doesn’t make sense.  I remember the day because me and my uncle were going to see The 6th Day at 10 am, which is the best time to see movies, as there’s no one in the theater, and you can easily go see 3 or four in a day before you get tired of movie popcorn as your only source of food.

Yea, me and him would get along well.

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