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Best Movie Death

So I stumbled to this little DIY movie Death scene battle.  I like it.  Above you can find my brackets for which scene wins which battle.  I’ll cut to the chase here:

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber falling from the 30th floor of the Nakatomi Building is clearly the best death in my opinion.  His face alone gets him the title, look at it:

Now, for those who think I am wrong in every letter of the word, click below and you can hear my reasoning.  But I warn you, you probably won’t like it.

I’m not gonna go through all of my decisions, only the ones I think caused the most stir.

Titanic vs. Bambi

Its hunting, animals die.  Leave it to Disney to give a wild animal human qualities, and make grown men cry about what naturally happens in life.

Psycho vs. Jaws

This was the toughest original battle, and I must say, I spent the most time debating over this one.  Both are classics, both have been engraved into the minds of everyone in the world thousands of times over.  But while Psycho is one of the best, it gets beaten by the sheer fear that the shark attack inspired in people.  Tell me you have never looked at the ocean while on the beach the same way after seeing Jaws, and I will tell you you’re a lier.

Nazis vs. Wicked Witch

Both involve the twisted melting of the human body, both involve what most people consider to be pure evil, both are remembered world over.  But the face melting of the Nazi’s in Raiders of The Lost Ark is one of the most memorable moments in one of the best films ever made.

Saving Private Ryan vs. Gladiator

We knew that both were coming at some point in the film.  We didn’t want to see either, but it happened one way or another.  However, Tom Hanks dies in saving Matt Damon, and Matt Damon is a worthy person to die for.  Russell Crowe actually died for his honor and to return Rome to the Senate, which turns out wasn’t much help, cause it still fell in the end.

Darth Vader vs. Tom Hanks

Not much to say about this one, sure Obi Wan’s death was noble, and in good faith, but Tom Hanks dies to save Matt Damon.  Matt Damon.

Jaws vs. Tom Hanks

The battle of Steven Spielberg proportions.  Two of his best films are head to head for entry into the final round of the Best Movie Death Scene ever.  I have argued the point of both of them so far, now let’s see how they fair against each other.

Jaws has the staying power, (I’m still scared to go into the water at the beach).  Saving Private Ryan has Matt Damon (Matt Damon).

Nope, even Matt Damon can’t win this battle himself.  He needs some help from the power of words.  The deaths of the females in Jaws was mind opening, but ultimately, what do we care about a bunch of drunk teenage girls in the water at night?  We don’t know who they are, what they do for fun, why they exist.  In our minds, they are food for a shark, and that’s it.  Steven Spielberg spends all of 5 mins on them in the whole of the movie.  And that’s acceptable because they are otherwise useless characters.

On the contrary, Steven Spielberg spends almost 3 hours improving on the character of Captain John H. Miller played by Tom Hanks.  At first we know nothing, but throughout the film, Spielberg carefully reveals tidbits of his history, who he is.  Miller leads his men through the task of saving Matt Damon for over 2.5 hours, finally getting to an epic battle on a bridge where the Nazis come.  But Matt Damon survives, and Tom Hanks has succeeded in his one final job.

That is why Tom Hank’s death beats the Shark.  Emotional content.

Alan Rickman vs. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has alot going for him, at this point you would think his death is on the fast track to winning.  Afterall, I’ve said nothing about Alan Rickman in Die Hard so far.  Well my friend that is where you are wrong.

You see, all the emotional content built up by watching Tom Hanks die for Matt Damon in Saving Private Ryan is alot, but it’s trumped by real life emotions.

Die Hard holds a special place in my heart.  It has been, and will always be my favorite movie of all time.  The number of times I have sat down to watch it, viewing after viewing, day after day, even hour after hour.  I can quote random lines at will from that movie, and play it out completely in my head.  I see their faces, hear their voices, and know the dialogue better then they do/did.  I’ve stopped what I have been doing because I saw it on TV, or someone in the house/dorm decided to watch it.

There are few things and even fewer people that can stop me from watching Die Hard.  (As it is, durring the month of December, it must be watched at least once before Christmas(Christmas Tradition #1 in my book)).

That’s all the emotional factors why I think that’s the best death.  What about the cinematic reasons, Hans’ face is proof enough for that.  It’s the perfect ‘OH SHIT!” face that couldn’t have been pulled off better if Alan Rickman actually did fall to his death.

There you have it, my list, and my reasoning behind it all.  Why don’t you go make your own, and tell me your answers.

There are a few omissions from the list I think should have been there.

Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now.  I’m sure there are more.

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