Write a message to the stars!


This is pretty awesome actually: KEO is a satellite that will orbit the earth for 50,000 years, and then return.  Inside it will be glass disks engraved with up to 24 billion pages of information.

Each person on earth gets the opertunity to write up to 4 pages of whatever they want to be engraved.  There will be no censership, no translation, nothing to stop you but your imigination, and trust me, I have a big one of those.  I am putting together some short story thing about dinosaures and portals, and awesomness.  I may post it when I finish.  Whatever.

The whole concept is pretty cool I think, too bad we wont be around in 50,000 years to see its completion.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for, write your message now!

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