CD Bubble


This is pretty cool,but fro mthe looks of it, it’s made with the plastic blanks in a CD spindle not an actual CD.  I spent the last 10 mins trying it with various different CDs for varying lengths of time, and all I got were bubbled CD, and burnt fingers.  Oh well.  I like my … Continued

The Day The Infomercial Died


Billy Mays is dead.  What a sad day in the infomercial world.  What a sad day for amateur inventors everywhere.  What a happy day for people with Ligyrophobia. In memory of Billy Mays, I am embedding all his best commercials.  You may have seen some of them, or all of them, hell you may have … Continued

Giant Light Switch


At first I thought this was silly and dumb, but the video makes up for it.  It’s very watchable, and I like how they combined all their photos together into a video to show how it was made.  Not quite stop motion, not quite long list of stuff, just right. Now, I probably wouldn’t have … Continued

19 hour downtime


Squires chewing on your cable line equals slow, t0 no internet for me.  But we’re back now

Live in an Airplane


This house has 3 things going for it. it’s a airplane it’s in a tree – kinda it’s awesome Let me stress the last part, it’s awesome. See it’s kinda in a tree, it’s high up in the trees, so that counts as in a tree in my book. And the inside of it looks … Continued

Shift_the way you use water


I’m sorry, that just reminded me of the Nissan commercials with Shift_some words.  Anyway, here’s a new faucet designed to get people to use less water.  I’m gonna do something different, post all the photos of it, and then give my opinion. Ok, look at those pretty photos.  Aren’t they cool?  Well, here are my … Continued

Gigantic Model Airplane


Worlds Largest Model RC Plane – The best video clips are right here When you look at that, it doesn’t look like it can fly. Clearly it’s just too big to fly, those propellers could take off that guy’s hands with ease, this is not a model plane. It’s hamster’s strategic bomber. Sure enough though, … Continued

An LED bottle Wall


Bottle wall (no sound) from Alex Beim on Vimeo. That’s a pretty neat thing to make.  It was made from empty bottles of Bacardi.  Now, I think this could be made much more interesting if you made it with all sorts of different bottles.  Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Jack Dainel’s, whatever ever else you prefer to … Continued

Would you accept this spider as payment?


Do you think that drawing is worth $233.95?  It’s creator did.  But the power company, which was asking for the money did not. You’ve seen that before, everyone has, it’s just the latest thing to sweep the web (actually, it happened almost a year ago, but whatever).  What you may not know is that that … Continued

The Blue Angels


The Blue Angels are awesome.  Watching them perform is awesome (I’ve done it before), actually riding along with them is all levels of awesome (I’m talking to you Adam Savage) For now I’ll have to be content with watching this video taken from inside the cockpit of one. And I don’t know what they claim, … Continued