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CD Bubble

This is pretty cool,but fro mthe looks of it, it’s made with the plastic blanks in a CD spindle not an actual CD.  I spent the last 10 mins trying it with various different CDs for varying lengths of time, and all I got were bubbled CD, and burnt fingers.  Oh well.  I like my melted microwaved media discs better.

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The Day The Infomercial Died

Billy Mays is dead.  What a sad day in the infomercial world.  What a sad day for amateur inventors everywhere.  What a happy day for people with Ligyrophobia.

In memory of Billy Mays, I am embedding all his best commercials.  You may have seen some of them, or all of them, hell you may have even bought some of this crap awesome stuff.  But you can take 10 minutes out of your day to remember the man who made his living yelling at you.  So in the spirit of Billy Mays, I have made this entire post in the color he made famous, blue, and bolded for emphasis.  Enjoy it while you can, cause this offer won’t last forever.



Giant Light Switch

At first I thought this was silly and dumb, but the video makes up for it.  It’s very watchable, and I like how they combined all their photos together into a video to show how it was made.  Not quite stop motion, not quite long list of stuff, just right.

Now, I probably wouldn’t have it in my home, but a variation on the design, maybe an oversized something else would work I think.



19 hour downtime

Squires chewing on your cable line equals slow, t0 no internet for me.  But we’re back now

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Live in an Airplane

This house has 3 things going for it.

  1. it’s a airplane
  2. it’s in a tree – kinda
  3. it’s awesome

Let me stress the last part, it’s awesome.

See it’s kinda in a tree, it’s high up in the trees, so that counts as in a tree in my book.

And the inside of it looks nice too!  It’s a total win win situation.  I wonder how much it cost, and where they got the plane from?  {source}

There’s a bunch of speculation in the comments of that blog, with no real link to the original or mention as to where this house is.  Some claim it’s a hotel, but fail to provide links to it.

This example on MAKE of an airplane house is much better.

Around $24,000 for a real airplane turned into a house, I can totally afford that.  I would to.  I am jelous of that house.

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Shift_the way you use water

I’m sorry, that just reminded me of the Nissan commercials with Shift_some words.  Anyway, here’s a new faucet designed to get people to use less water.  I’m gonna do something different, post all the photos of it, and then give my opinion.

Ok, look at those pretty photos.  Aren’t they cool?  Well, here are my thoughts on it.  First, let’s take a look at a normal bathroom sink courtesy of Wikipedia:

That sink is the product of hundreds of years of normalness.  The hot water control is on the left, and the cold water is on the right.  Some sinks have different taps for each water, and some are a lever in the middle, but there is a commonality between left – hot, and right – cold.

If we look at the shifter, there is no hot or cold, just slow – fast, and while that is nice, it is useless.

Are people gonna have to learn to drive a shift faucet, because we’ve used simple turning things for generations?  Will we have to push in the clutch if we want to change water temperature?  Clearly it will involve the use of both hands and probably a foot or something too.  And people just learning their way along this “manual faucet” will likely get burnt by the hot water when they go to take a shower one day, and will be scared for life as it will be hard to judge just exactly when, and how much to give of each type of water.  And hopefully you’ll be able to do it before the water gets too hot to burn you, or too cold to cause you  to melt into a pile of flesh colored mush.

Next up, when people actually do how to use it, will it actually work?  Sure manual transmission cars are more efficent for a variety of reasons, but they also come in a much wider variety where efficency isn’t a problem.  Will there be luxury faucets too?

And after everything is all said and done, people will probably just have too much fun playing with the shifter and changing the speed to actually save any water?  I think so.  Afterall, when was the last time you spent hours playing with your regular faucet?  Probably when you were 3.  On the upside, these new things will be so complicated that 3 year olds wont be able to use them, on the down side, 3 year olds will smell worse now.

Overall, I think this concept is cool, but will become a failure at heart.  It’s just too silly to actually work.  But good work on an interesting design, and trying to get your car in the home in not the shape of a bed or on wallpaper, on in matchbox cars.

{I need a new Idea}

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Gigantic Model Airplane

Worlds Largest Model RC PlaneThe best video clips are right here

When you look at that, it doesn’t look like it can fly. Clearly it’s just too big to fly, those propellers could take off that guy’s hands with ease, this is not a model plane. It’s hamster’s strategic bomber.
Sure enough though, it does fly, and fly beautifully too. Watching the video, it could pass as some raw WWII footage, or a scene in a film. These guys are skilled and that’s just saying it lightly.
{Hacked Gadgets}

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An LED bottle Wall

Bottle wall (no sound) from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

That’s a pretty neat thing to make.  It was made from empty bottles of Bacardi.  Now, I think this could be made much more interesting if you made it with all sorts of different bottles.  Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Jack Dainel’s, whatever ever else you prefer to drink, and hell, throw in some beer bottles too.  That would make for a much more interesting display.  All the different colored and shapped glass interacting to form weird cool shapes and designs.

If you were really interested, you could do it will full bottles, but I think that would get alittle expensive, and probably not make it look as good.

{MAKE | Create Digital Motion}

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Would you accept this spider as payment?

Do you think that drawing is worth $233.95?  It’s creator did.  But the power company, which was asking for the money did not.

You’ve seen that before, everyone has, it’s just the latest thing to sweep the web (actually, it happened almost a year ago, but whatever).  What you may not know is that that wasn’t the only such transaction that took place.  No, I recently stumbled to this forum post, which led me to his website, which is awesome, I haven’t laughed so much so hard in so long.

His gym membership was going to expire, and he got some emails about renewing it.  There’s no drawings involved, but there are steroids, here’s a clip:

I originally joined your gym with full intentions of attending every few days but after waiting in vain for someone to offer me steroids, I began to suspect this was not going to happen and the realisation that I may have to exercise instead was, quite frankly, horrifying.

And that’s the 3rd or 4th email he sent them.

He also has some other drawings for sale:

You can buy this one of a kind drawing called Whale Looking For Mate for only $2,800.

He then tries to go on a test drive of a motorcycle, without a license.  This conversation is actually pretty civil, with the receiving end, a Mr. Peter taking everything in stride.

You could find out his views on the internet and it’s many faces.

Or the conversation that started with starving children, and just went everywhere else.

I really like the party he gets himself invited to.

Read them all, they’re all good, some other gems I left out because I didn’t want to just go down the side bar and list them all.

His best quality is being able to go off on tangents that make perfect sense in regards to the conversation going on.  I feel like me and him could get along perfectly, and end up talking about the color of the car that my uncle and I passed one day when we were going to the movies, and how it really didn’t fit the person driving it.  I mean, what kind of guy drives a lime green Jeep with a soft top?  It just doesn’t make sense.  I remember the day because me and my uncle were going to see The 6th Day at 10 am, which is the best time to see movies, as there’s no one in the theater, and you can easily go see 3 or four in a day before you get tired of movie popcorn as your only source of food.

Yea, me and him would get along well.

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The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are awesome.  Watching them perform is awesome (I’ve done it before), actually riding along with them is all levels of awesome (I’m talking to you Adam Savage)

For now I’ll have to be content with watching this video taken from inside the cockpit of one. And I don’t know what they claim, but I felt fine watching it all the way through with no sick feeling at all.
{Gizmodo | Wired}