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LEGOs have been made into alot of interesting things before.  Taking a page from the LEGO Album covers book, here are a bunch of LEGO movie posters.  Some of them are really good, while others just suck.  The Harry Potter one, why just have Harry as LEGO and everyone else not, that’s kinda half-assed I think.  But for the most part there are some good works of LEGO art here.  I’ve included my favorites after the click, cause there’s too many pictures on the front page already.

The Bourne Ultimatum was a good movie, 100% different from the book, but that’s not really important.

Yippee-ki-yay, mother-GUNSHOT.  In my opinion, that was the worst decision of Live Free or Die Hard.  Still a good movie though.

Not much really to this one, can’t tell if the crate is a LEGO crate or not, it looks like it though.

The simplicity of it is excelent.  Also bonus points for LEGO people being yellow, and Simpson people being yellow.

This is the best one.

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  1. Hadn’t seen this before – fun! I’ll have to share the original page with my lego lovers. It is kind of goofy that the Harry Potter one didn’t redo all the other characters, especially since all of them probably exist as minifigs (from the years when LEGO released HP-themed sets).

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