Man The Enola Gay


Dropping the Atomic Bomb: Video Game Documentary from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Wow, you have a sick mind.  This is a World War II reference, grow up.

The idea behind it is to get you into the cockpit of the Enola Gay and do what the pilot and crew did, say what they said, and experience what they experienced (minus the whole witness an atomic bomb go off part(cause if that was there I would sooooooooo sign up for this like yesterday!)).  I like it, but, the reasoning behind it is a little out there. I get that we don’t want to repeat this, but you know what you sound like, a peace loving hippie.  War is a necessary part of human nature, we’ve been doing it  since the begining of time, nothing you can say or do will change that.  Also, regardless of how many lives were saved/killed in the dropping of the Atomic bombs in 1945, it was a military decision, not an ethical one (I am in no way saying it was unethical to drop those bombs, I fully endorse it).  Had it been an ethical decision, we would probably still be fighting World War II, or at the very least, speaking Spanish or German right now, because The United States would no longer exist.

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