What’s your wireless network named?


Remember Echo Base?  Yea, we thought that was an awesome name, which it is, but Gizmodo wanted to know what you called your WiFi network, and there are some good ones.  Some of my favorites include:

  • i eat babies
  • puppy killer
  • SquirtleSquad
  • ( o )( o ) – (what does that look like?)
  • Free Ice Cream in 101 – (the apt next to mine )
  • Philotic Web – (Ender’s Game only)
  • lazer_penguins_in_outerspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kevin_Bacon – (You are now connected to Kevin_Bacon)
  • OMG! Ponies! – (The best April fools prank ever)

They all pale in comparision to this guy though:

I live next to a hotel so obviously I named it: “Email xxx@soandso.se for access” and when they do, they give me money and I give them the universe, or the password.

Capitalism and passive advertising equals ka-tching!

However the amount of people who named their networks:

  • Virus land (or some variation)
  • Free Porn (or some variation)
  • SPAM (or some variation)
  • Skynet (I will admit this was the name of mine in college)

is reallllly too high to be healthy, I’m scared for the world if these people think they are original, although, in defense of Skynet, if we don’t get the word out, then we are doomed to die.

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