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How was Pitchmen!?

Two weeks ago I found out about Discovery Channel’s new show Pitchmen.  You can rest assured that it wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t that bad either. In general it’s basically a behind the scenes of those infomircials show.  It’s not quite a reality show, but not quite a game show, but not quite a regular show.

Regardless I did learn some stuff while watching it.

One thing being is that Billy Mays is orders of magnitude more well known the Anthony Sullivan, which is visually apparant in their Wikipedia pages.  I sorta knew who the guy with the British accent was in the original commercial, but that’s because I only saw his pitches twice.  I did some informal math in my head, and for every 1 Anthony Sullivan pitch I saw on TV, I saw 12,000 Billy Mays pitches.

Another thing I learned, more so confirmed, because it makes sense, is that there is a long process to inventing something, and then selling it.

Some things I wish they went over though were the actual cost of making the products.  They kinda went on it with the Impact Gel, but it wasn’t hard numbers, which I guess are confidential.  I do want to know how they are able to make so much money at $19.99, but wait there’s more!  It boggles the mind.

I liked at the end how they showed some basic numbers crunching being done.  It was nice insight as to how they actually make money.  What I did not like was the artifical tension they put in.  I realize it’s a TV show, but it’s annoying.  Also, did they really have to give the life story of the two guys who gave them inventions.  I don’t really care, neither of them will get me to buy the product.

In the end I say that Pitchmen is moderately watchable, just because it is informative.  However, after seeing the process one or two more times, I can’t say with certainty if I will watch the show every week.  There’s just nothing there to learn after that, and it becomes a silly useless sub-reality show.

I did gain some respect for Billy and Sully though, I still will skip over their commercials, at least 9 out of 10 times.


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